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March 9, 2011

Am I just becoming an incredible genius, or is preterism really this horribly bad of a heresy? My goodness.

I will keep this short.

So, Preterism makes its foundational claim to any new seeker, in that its tenets are found in the early church. Yet, what Preterists ultimately believe about creation, prelapsarian-man, the fall, death, the Incarnation, the cannon, and what it really means to believe the Christ is the sum of all things, is nothing more than some hyper heresy. Stay away from Preterism. They straight deny all of the early churches views on all these points. So how can they see their Preterist views as early church views? Oh, I forgot, an early church father, if that, mentioned in some shady text something similar to their 70AD theory.


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  1. are you talking about full preterism or partial preterism?

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