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Reformed pastor leaves for Orthodoxy

July 18, 2011


About two years ago I was going through the transformation from Calvinism to Orthodoxy and I felt very much alone, low and behold, only 20 minutes away from where I attended every Sunday as a reformed minded person, another man was going through the same exact thing as I was. He was the assistant pastor at Anaheim Christ Reformed church, and a contributor to the Academy held at Anaheim Christ Reformed church. From what I understand, he was considered by some to be the next Horton in the making, only to be called to teach a series on church history which gave him enough time to dive into the patristic fathers of Christianity and find out that something was desperately wrong with the faith he held to at that time. He now is an Orthodox Christian and has decided to start a blog about all things Orthodox.

His blog

I will also be adding it to the side bar of my blog


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  1. Thanks Eric, I just saw this today.

    Indeed, it was a difficult but blessed journey.

    Actually, by the time I taught that Academy class to which you refer, I had been going through that journey for about 3 years, since I had started my PhD. In that class, as in my all my other classes, I tried to be as objectively academic as possible (and I had taught much of that class in a seminary before), but some people at our parish were indeed scratching their heads since the study was not confirming their assumption that the early Church looked like Geneva. At all.

    Blessings to you!

    • Hello Rev. Marcello. I became a huge follower of your series of teachings on the Ancient Church. I probably recommend that series (the seven Ecumenical Councils) as much as any book or teaching seriesI hav ever heard…period! So much that I quickly devoured many of your other subjects. Then, lo and behold, I couldn’t find you anywhere online. I emailed Christ Reformed Church, posted on the Puritanboard Forum–all to no avail. Finally I found this post today, It’s great to hear you’re alive and well. I’m a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in the middle Tennessee area. I take it the orthodoxy you’re talking about is more of the eastern orthodox persuasion? No? Anyway, will you be blogging about it? Whatever you decide to do, I wish you well. You have been a blessing in my life and have an enormous gift for teaching. I hope you will continue to publish your thoughts in some capacity.

  2. Eric Castleman permalink

    Hey Marcelo,

    I only found out about you a few months ago from Perry Robinson and other converts to Orthodoxy in Orange County, and I was extremely interested in hearing the details of your exit from Anaheim Christ Reformed Church. I just find it so interesting that there was a similar situation going on so close to where I attended as I was saying similar things at Ontario URC about two years ago. I wonder if my old pastors knew of you, and what was going on when I started asking these questions.

    I also told my father about you, and he is extremely interested in hearing your side of things. My father was an elder at Ontario URC for around 10 years, and started reading secondary sources on the patristic point of view on all things Christian, and for the past few years has been trying to sort everything out. He has pretty much settled on Orthodoxy, and Perry Robinson even was gracious enough to go out to dinner with my father and I a couple of weeks ago while he was in town. That pretty much gave him the extra little push he needed.

    Also, the way in which Riddlebarger is talked about by people who knew him in the reformed church, sounds typical of Horton, Godfrey etc. These guys have never spent much time with any Roman Catholic material, and even less with Orthodox literature, or know much about the early church, yet, they speak against those traditions. I lost pretty much all respect intellectually for most of those guys after reading their arguments against Rome and Orthodoxy, and seeing that they just really had no clue what they were talking about.

    Hope you are doing well

    Thanks for the comment


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