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Two steps forward, two steps back

October 29, 2012

When a person is convinced at a certain point of reformed theology, and then goes onto disagreeing with reformed theology for Roman Catholicism or Eastern Orthodoxy, what would happen of they then reverted back to reformed theology? Can Sola Scriptura really be believed, when they themselves are a walking contradiction in that they have proven through practice, that they shouldn’t rely on themselves for biblical interpretation?

I always think about this when a Protestant tries to argue with me. What would I be left with, if I were to go back to reformed theology? Only another step in my view that scripture cannot be handled by me.

The consistent step for me, if I were to ever be convinced Orthodoxy is false, would have to be a step away from Christianity, any other step would be a contradiction. The reason for this, is because reformed theology isn’t a cosmic theology, but reaction religion, that only exists if Rome is the whore. Reformed theology couldn’t have existed prior to Rome’s perversion of the gospel, and as St Maximus says, you then must be grateful for evil, because you wouldn’t know the good without it.

This goes hand and hand with my process of deciding between Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. Reformed Christians mocked me for changing over to Eastern Orthodox from Rome (convinced of) as if it proved their views true, as if me showing that I can be wrong about what is true is in any way more proof of sola scriptura, when in fact it is more proof against it.


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  1. Canadian permalink

    Hey Eric.
    You are alive. Good to hear from you.
    I have thought similar. Lord, this (Orthodoxy) is the last stop on this road. I don’t see any more road, let alone any more stops. But that is comforting in that I can just stay in the sacramental hospital and work toward getting well. Not sure if you noticed, but Jacob/Ansgar Olav/Tsar Lazar/Baroque Norseman/Bayou/Outlaw has stepped away from Orthodoxy and taken those steps back to some form of Presbyterian/Covenantal/Scottish form of the Reformation.

    • Eric Castleman permalink

      Yea, I took a break for awhile. It is good to hear from you again!

      Yes, I saw his new blog, and read through his current position. He seems to be praising Drake Shelton, which I can’t understand. Thinking that the Covenanters are in any way some big kept secret is laughable. I spent years studying the Covenanters, as well as the Dutch Republic when I was reformed, and it doesn’t provide anything new to the table for the reformed. In fact, the reason that most reformed seminaries do not consider those branches of the reformed tradition, is because it is a black eye in regards to their history. They were killing Catholics, while Catholics were killing them. It isn’t a place of martyrdom, but of war. It is one of the instances in the memory of the early American deists that led them to reject theism all together. They concluded that Protestantism was just as horrid as Rome. It isn’t shocking that much of the rhetoric that comes from Drake is borderline white supremacy, since through such movement, and the Protestant work ethic, blacks were seen as non elect, or lesser humans.

      All of this leads me to wonder what it is that is so fascinating for Jacob. Again, I don’t understand it, and have yet to see anything he has written that can constitute such a change in perspectives.

      • Canadian permalink

        I spent much time off and on interacting with Drake. I really like him is some respects. But he is always out of communion with the Reformed anyway. He has hopes that they will jettison the filioque and hold to the creed, deny ADS, rewrite their confessions etc, etc. He is kicking against the pricks, or is it the other way around 🙂 Did I just say that?? Aaahh, I would joke around with him like that, it didn’t bother him. I really enjoyed some of Jacob’s old blog stuff. I hope he finds his way, I know it is hard to sort through all this stuff without the epistemic certainty we all wish we had. But we have to rest in the end. My mother is back down in Desert Hot Springs at Father David’s church. They are becoming catechumens and entering the church just before Pascha down there. Remarkable that she broke from 20 years of Adventism.
        Hope all is well. Peace in Christ.

      • Eric Castleman permalink

        That is great news about your mother. I am sure that she will find her life as an Orthodox Christian to be the best thing in this world. That is great to hear!

        I really appreciate Jacob, and I am not angry towards his decision, because I know he has a different surroundings than I, so for me to say that it should be easy for him to understand Orthodoxy, or that he is lying, would be impossible for me to know. I know that he cares for Christ, and though I feel Orthodoxy is the best suited in aiding him in his life in Christ, I don’t think that he is now in a place with no hope. Reformed theology has some admirable qualities, such as their high view of scripture. I just hope he keeps his heart open to Orthodoxy.

        As for Drake: He can be a great guy, I’m sure. He was willing to give me advice on some health issues I was dealing with, and I appreciated his interest. I think his intentions are good, but I think his arguments in regards to church history are far out there, and can lead to bad things for other people that might not know any better. I just don’t understand why anyone would profess Christianity, if everyone alive today is wrong about Jesus, and I were the only one that had it figured out. Atheism or agnosticism would start looking pretty good by then, or maybe even Buddhism. At least those systems can adhere to such personal views.

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