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Hello, my name is Eric. I am currently an Orthodox seeker (catechumen) in the Eastern Orthodox Church. The purpose of this blog is to give my perspective on historic Christianity in contrast to the modern western approach to Christianity, mainly the heterodox views found in the reformed confession, and prominent reformed thinkers.

I was raised in the reformed tradition for much of my life, and made the decision to leave 2 years ago after cross referencing the patristic church to the reformational claims.

The rules for commenting on my blog are:

1. Don’t attack me or anyone else personally. While I can see why my sins are of great interest to some, in order to avoid dealing with the arguments, it really doesn’t get us any closer to the truth. Deal with the argument, and not the source of the argument, that being me or someone else

2. Copying and pasting is a fun hobby and welcomed here, but I ask that you be more objective and not let someone else make an argument for you. While arguments shouldn’t be considered wrong if they do not originate with the author, copying and pasting 2-3 pages of text is not aloud, unless certain comments ask for such a thing. Please do not make me, or anyone else do your reading for you. I want the comments and the readers to be able to show that they understand what they or copying and pasting from somewhere else

3. Stay on topic. The purpose of each post is to create conversation on a certain subject, and not to try to take the point of the post to another subject someone feels more comfortable dealing with. If I have not addressed a certain subject that someone wants to talk about, just let me know and I will try to do a post on that specific subject. Also, the links on the right side of my blog have probably dealt with the subject before, so there is always other options than going off topic on my blog.

I want everyone who comes here to be objective, or learn how to be at least. As Christians, we confess that we are fallible and able to error. So please, take that into consideration when reading my blog. I left the reformed church after years of believing without a doubt that it was wrong, only to come to my own personal conclusion that it was false based on things I had read. So, being objective is incredibly important to me. Please do not come here with the attitude that you do not need to know what Orthodoxy thinks, reformed theology says, or Roman Catholicism has to say because your tradition is right. It is a false perspective on one’s fallibility. So please, take into consideration each argument made with that in mind, if it is Orthodoxy, Catholicism or reformed.

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  1. Matthew permalink

    Hi Eric

    I am a Christian from a Reformed background – I even have a Master’s Degree in Reformed theology.

    However, I’m not evangelical or Reformed anymore. My entire life and outlook has become Orthodox, for almost all of the same reasons as you. This has been quite a long process. The other day I came across your writings and saw you have had a similar experience. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading lots of your posts. I don’t know why you stopped posting, but if you are ever back, I’d love to read more of what you write. By now you are probably a full member of Christ’s body. I hope the journey has been worth it, and hope you are enjoying it.

    All the best

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